Finished Editing the 2nd Draft of 33% Rockstar

Finished Editing the 2nd Draft of 33% Rockstar

I finished editing the second draft of my new novel 33% Rockstar: Music, Life and Other Stories in the Pursuit of Rock Stardom on Thursday, March 15th. I started the second week of January and it took a little more than 9 weeks.

It took a little longer than I planned, but I pretty happy with the results. I feel there is a few sections that need a lot of work and hopefully those sections come together in the third draft. I am going to let this draft rest for about a week than begin the process all over again. Hopefully this draft takes half the time and I am finished the last week of April. Fingers crossed!!

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Author: S. C. Sterling

Scott is originally from Portland, OR and moved to Denver, CO at the age of thirteen. He is the author of Teenage Degenerate and 33 Percent Rockstar. His writing is strongly influenced by music, sports and pop-culture.