How to Purchase Teenage Degenerate on

How to Purchase Teenage Degenerate on

Here are instructions on how to order Teenage Degenerate on

There are 2 ways to purchase the audiobook on Audible.

  • 1. As stand alone for $19.95
  • 2. Sign up for a 30 day membership and a receive a free credit.

Follow these steps to sign up for a membership.

  • Sign Up and Try Audible: The first 30 days are free and only $14.95 a month after.
  • Start with a Free Book: Select Teenage Degenerate or 180,000 different titles.
  • Get the Free App: Transform household chores, a commute, or workout into book time.
  • Enjoy Audible Benefits: The membership includes 1 audiobook a month plus 30% off any addition books.

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