How to Purchase Teenage Degenerate on

How to Purchase Teenage Degenerate on

Here are instructions on how to order Teenage Degenerate on

There are 2 ways to purchase the audiobook on Audible.

  • 1. As stand alone for $19.95
  • 2. Sign up for a 30 day membership and a receive a free credit.

Follow these steps to sign up for a membership.

  • Sign Up and Try Audible: The first 30 days are free and only $14.95 a month after.
  • Start with a Free Book: Select Teenage Degenerate or 180,000 different titles.
  • Get the Free App: Transform household chores, a commute, or workout into book time.
  • Enjoy Audible Benefits: The membership includes 1 audiobook a month plus 30% off any addition books.

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Author: S. C. Sterling

Scott is originally from Portland, OR and moved to Denver, CO at the age of thirteen. He is the author of Teenage Degenerate and 33 Percent Rockstar. His writing is strongly influenced by music, sports and pop-culture.