Review of Teenage Degenerate on

Review of Teenage Degenerate on

Review of Teenage Degenerate on

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“Readers – take warning, this book is at times quite graphic and is not for the faint of heart. But if you don’t mind getting down and dirty with one of the legitimate dangers of life, please give this book the chance it absolutely deserves.

Scott is a late teen who only cares about getting high. My girlfriend, I don’t like her, I’m gonna try and get with this other girl. My job? Not important at all so I’ll just quit. My friends? Who cares about them, as long as I’m getting high…… I think it is pretty clear why Scott chose the title of Teenage Degenerate for his book; he is the prime example of what hardcore drugs can do to your family, your friends, your drive, your ambition, and most of all, your physical health.

While this may seem like a harsh intro, I write this with the utmost respect and appreciation for a life that I cannot begin to imagine having lived. Scott is a seemingly normal teen turned meth user, turned meth addicted turned, meth dealer in the frighteningly short span of under a year. It was definitely impossible for me to relate to since I’ve never been a drug user, but reading about his antics, his struggles and just how powerful of a drug that Meth truly is not only scares me to death, but brings to me sobering reality check. This stuff CAN and WILL happen. It cannot be ignored.

As a Denver resident and a lover of most of the bands that Scott has paid tribute to in his book, I probably connected with it a lot more than the average reader will. I drive by the Lucky U motel on a weekly basis, I go to concerts at Red Rocks whenever I can, the Ogden is a local land mark and I would have really loved to have read this book at the original Miller’s crossing but people actually live there now… so that would have probably been frowned upon. It made my time with this book incredibly special and a bit surreal.

In a world filled with lies, secrets and dangers we choose to ignore, Scott takes the time to recount what is sure to be one of the most difficult things he will ever come across in an unbelievably honest and sad avenue. It takes a lot of strength to realize and accept the bad things that have happened to us, and I applaud Scott for allowing me to take a peek into his world. Thanks for an incredible journey that I will always think of when I’m out and about.”

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Author: S. C. Sterling

Scott is originally from Portland, OR and moved to Denver, CO at the age of thirteen. He is the author of Teenage Degenerate and 33 Percent Rockstar. His writing is strongly influenced by music, sports and pop-culture.